L​aboratories, LLC

  1. ​Value Addition

    Every step of CLL aims to add value to our customers and products

  2. Reproducible

    CLL aims to develop process that provides same quality product each time

  3. Robust

    CLL aims to develop product and process designed for continuous operations with very low downtime, failure rate and variability.

  4. Cost Effective

    CLL aims at developing formulation and process that is cost effective for our clients

  5. ​Our Vision

    CLL focuses to develop new and improved pharmaceutical formulation of existing prouducts

Welcome to Catain Laboratories, LLC

Catain Laboratories, LLC (CLL) is a Kansas City based Research & Development Laboratory, specializing in the research and development of pharmaceutical drug products (for marketing authorizations in US regulated markets). CLL focuses on development of new & improved formulations of existing products for either ANDAs or NDAs approval. CLL is highly experienced in the development of pharmaceutical formulations for oral, topical, and injectable dosage forms. The company is pro-actively involved in development of complex generic and differentiated products from ideation to commercialization.